Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why are we the Luckiest???

One night, I suddenly realised how lucky our generation is. Strange?? Ok, let me attempt to explain...

Computers were invented in our era. I still remember the first computer I used. It was my uncle's PC loaded with DOS. There wasn't Windows. The only games available then were Dave and Prince. It was just an awesome feeling to play games on a computer. Later came Windows 95 and Windows 98. Along with it, came the internet. It was a dial-up connection and the modem used to make so much of noise while connecting. The phone and the internet could not be used simultaneously. On top of it, it would take ages to load an email.

After a few years, came Windows XP, and gradually Windows 7 & 8; and along with it came broadband where we could use the phone and internet simultaneously, and the connection was very fast.

Ok, let us talk about mobile phones. We have seen landlines to touchscreen mobile phones. We used to call up our uncles in Hyderabad early in the morning because STD rates were cheaper in the night through early morning. Then came the soap-dabba mobiles which were of the size of bricks. Those days, even incoming calls were charged. Gradually, we saw the technology advancement to touch-screen mobiles.

I feel our generation was really lucky to see how technology advanced in every device. Kids of the new generation are born with PS3 and XBox. We had only 8-bit video game and the most famous game then was Super Mario...!! My brother and I used to fight like anything to play that game.

And, television sets... Yes. The new generation would not even know what Doordarshan is. Our first TV was a Blue Diamond with eight channels. It was huge and heavy. It also had a big picture tube. We witnessed how technology advanced from picture tube TVs to plasma to LCDs to LEDs. Today's kids would never be able to appreciate these amazing advancements in technology.

I guess this generation would never care to appreciate what they are enjoying today, because they have not seen life without all these.

And, of course... Rajinikanth & Kamal Hasan... We guys were lucky enough to see these two legends rise to their peak.

I bet all of you would agree to this. Today's kids would have never seen, or rather would never ever see the best opening pair in cricket... Sachin & Ganguly.