Saturday, July 6, 2013

(5 + 2) > (6 + 1)

What can be worse than working on a Saturday?

I always envy my friends who do not work on Saturdays. It is the most unproductive day of the week. The weekend-mood sets in on Friday evening itself. So, how can one actually be productive on a saturday?

My mum, in fact is fed up with working saturdays. You know why? She feels bored to prepare and pack my lunch on a Saturday...!!

An individual works his ass out from Monday to Friday. And after that, he is expected to work on a Saturday too...!! Doesn't he deserve at least those two days of rest?

I think most of the folks (including me) working on Saturdays just come to office to warm their chairs for attendance. What output can he produce when he is in such a mindset? He actually becomes tired and frustrated just by coming to office on a Saturday.

As a result, he gets no time to spend with his family and friends. Oh, you have Sundays...!! The poor guy has one day to rest. Is he actually going to spend that one day with family and friends? He would actually be sleeping the whole day.

Jack works for five days a week, spends time with his family and friends on Saturdays and takes rest on Sundays. Jill works for six days a week, doesn't know whether to spend time with family and friends on Sundays or to take rest, ends up doing neither of these fully.

Who do you think would be in a better frame of mind to come back to work on Monday? Of course, it is Jack...!!

I strongly feel an individual deserves two days of rest after five days of hard work.
By the way, I am writing this blog on a Saturday, sitting in office. You can imagine how productive I would be... :)

5 + 2 will always be greater than 6 + 1...!!